ALERT: and ENERGETIC, naturally!

This is my personal endorsement of a product I have tried and will continue to use. I only recommend it because I know it worked for me. I was initially hesitant because the distribution method is through Multi-Level Marketing. But, hot damn! THIS STUFF DOES WHAT THE MAKERS CLAIM IT WILL DO!

Study up on it. When you are ready to purchase, go to

I do and will continue to use the products and recommend them to friends and people I meet each day. Because I know IT REALLY WORKS!.

After seeing the improved health (giving up junk food for salads), ENERGY (now she can shop, non-stop, no Starbucks needed) and happiness (ENERGY and ALERTNESS can improve your mood) of my ex-wife, after she began using UNIVERA products, I decided to try them.

She recommended, and I purchased:

The Metabolic Makeover 2.0 Pack

1 bottle Xtra® Concentrate (30oz)
Xtra contains bioenergetics to optimize cellular energy production, and antioxidant protection to positively impact overall brain function and sharpness.* Xtra is also scientifically formulated with Protectin™, an award-winning, internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility.

1 bottle Aloe Select® Mango (33oz)
Enhanced bioactive power for immune and digestive health Aloe Select® contains 100% hand-harvested peak Aloe, specially grown and selected to deliver optimized bioactives for immune and digestive health

1 bottle RegeniFREE® capsules (60ct)
RegeniFREE® contains Protectin™, an award-winning, internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility*. The addition of Curcumin strengthens the formula. Contains Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, derived from Turmeric root.

1 bottle Rhythmatix® softgels (60ct)
Rhythmatix, Univera’s cardio complex, contains UniBEX™, a proprietary and patented extract derived from bamboo leaf that supports cardiovascular health and healthy blood circulation. Rhythmatix also combines heart-healthy resveratrol, a key active ingredient found in red wine, EPA and DHA from omega-3 essential fatty acids and coenzyme Q10.

1 bottle Level G® (60ct)
Unique to Level G is the addition of a proprietary Aloe Vera complex, shown in recent studies to provide support for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Level G represents the latest breakthrough in metabolic maintenance in one convenient formula that includes today’s most effective botanical and trace mineral compounds
Would you love to experience more energy, endurance, alertness, focus, and the ability to efficiently burn fat? It’s not a diet, it’s not a magic pill, it’s advanced science which affects real change at the metabolic level. With Univera’s Metabolic Makeover 2.0, you can make over your metabolism!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

***(My ex lost weight. That happens when you give up junk food.) Be aware: Check the products list on the website if that/weight management is of interest to you. My ex lost weight due to a change in diet, improved energy and therefore, the motivation for more exercise. AND, her doctor is very happy about the effects these changes have had on her (diabetes) blood sugar levels.

After years of dependence on caffeine and caffeine supplements in order to stay alert through the workday, Univera products have provided a healthy alternative that REALLY WORKS! I urge you to explore the Univera website, watch the videos (there are also videos on YouTube about Univera) and be informed.
On the fourth day (4), it all kicked in. I felt great, and had the needed energy to drive my charter bus cross-country — without caffeine of any kind, no energy drinks, etc.
It has worked every day since then. No sudden [ENERGY] crash later in the afternoon. I experienced improved mental clarity [very important for a driver] and general overall happiness.
(No negative side effects.)
I was, and still am, excited about finding UNIVERA. Any weight loss, the improved digestive health and any other positive outcome from using UNIVERA will be icing on the cake. Yes, I still plan to eat cake on special occasions.

This is NOT A DRUG. UNIVERA products contain botanical ingredients. Safe, healthy and THEY REALLY WORK!

Study up on it. When you are ready to purchase, go to