Score! Eating burgers in The Matrix

These minor victories are sweet! The local Fred Meyer store mis-priced the 3-lb packs of hamburger. Instead of $10.47, they were marked $3.99 each. This had to be an error. But, an error in my favor. I bought two, saving approximately $6.50 each.  I also saved 38 cents for each can of tomato sauce. In fact, the $1 cans of Hunt’s spaghetti sauce, in various recipes, were larger. They did the work for me and I took home the savings. Half gallons of milk were marked at 99 cents each, while the gallon jugs were $2.69. Someone give the kid with the pricing gun a raise!

The next day, I returned to buy some groceries and paid with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. It took longer to pay, dropping the coins in the machine like playing the slots in Vegas. The coins were from one coffee mug that had been filled with pocket change. There are jugs and mugs remaining. The coins will just keep piling up if not spent. Coins must be spent before the United States moves to some other form of payment, such as a computer chip in the wrist or forehead.

Such a computer chip could store an itemization of all purchases and payments. The same chip could track your location and possibly – your thoughts. The government could manipulate the price of hamburger and your desire to purchase hamburger, even at full price.